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Home Cafe (San Francisco, Sunset District)

FEATURED: Iced lavender latte

Finally home!! And I don't just mean Home Cafe, but I am finally back home! It feels nice to be writing this blog post from the comfort of my own bed. Beautiful weather today in the Bay Area. I picked up an iced lavender latte from Home Cafe and drove straight to Ocean Beach. Boy have I missed just sitting on the sand, feeling the ocean breeze, and listening to the waves.

I have an assignment to get done that's due the Monday I get back from break, but definitely trying to enjoy myself during this break.

Also -- It was great meeting some of my readers in person at Columbia's Visiting Day for accepted students! :) I hope it was an informative day for all of you as you make your decisions. I will be making a post by the end of this week about how I prepared for grad school (mentally, emotionally, physically preparing to move away to a new city)! Stay tuned!

Have a great week, everyone!



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