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Annual Dean's Reception 2017

Today, I had the honor of being named the Mary Dickey Lindsay '45 Scholar. A majority of Columbia Nursing students received some type of scholarship (we definitely all needed it) and Columbia alumni donated to funds for future nursing students' education. It was a true honor to have met Mrs. Lindsay herself at the event. Mind you, she's a 97 year old woman, but she had this amazing optimism and charisma for Columbia Nursing! She is a distinguished leadership donor and supported the new simulation lab in the new nursing building opening this year.

She was also incredibly dedicated to improving women's health! She served as president and chairman of Planned Parenthood of New York City and was chosen as the first national volunteer award recipient in 1995! I am a pretty big fan of this woman. She was very sweet and rarely makes it out to many Columbia events, so it was nice to meet her and speak to her for a little bit. What a wonderful woman to aspire to be!

It was also pretty neat to see where all my peers are getting some of their education paid for. Our program is pretty dang expensive, but having a little contribution to our education helps. And being able to see the generous alumni who have helped enrich our education had me thankful and truly inspired. It would be a dream to hopefully one day be as successful as the individuals in the room and give back to Columbia Nursing.

Have a great rest of your week!



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