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See you at Visiting Day 2017!

I signed up to be a Student Ambassador at Visiting Day for this year's prospective students. OK... PLEASE excuse this badly taken photo... Haha (insert smiling emoji with that sweat drop). Anyway, Visiting Day will give you a good insight as to what Columbia has to offer, who your potential peers are, and most importantly, to get a feel if this is the right school for you.

Visiting Day really helped me solidify my decision to attend this school, and for others, it helped them decide that maybe this wasn't the program for them. When you come to Visiting Day, ask questions. Try to get honest opinions from current students. Also, understand that one student's opinion about something may not be the opinion of the majority of the students around. Come with an open mind and mingle! Coming to Visiting Day was my first time in NYC, so if that's also the same for you, give yourself a little time to explore the city if possible.

I am also going to be a Peer Mentor! -- so if you're a part of this coming cohort, you'll probably get an email in the next few weeks asking you if you would like to be a part of the Peer Mentorship Program where you can be matched with a Peer Mentor! You would fill out a survey, and the program director will help match you with someone. Super excited! I really enjoyed my relationship with my Peer Mentor and hope I can be a good Peer Mentor to one of you!

Good luck with everything!



P.S. Weather looks pretty chilly coming up for Visiting Day, so for all you Californians who aren't used to the cold -- bring a warm jacket!! Scarves, mittens, beanies, boots etc. The temperature tends to feel a lot colder than what's actually on the weather app. And it might snow! Weather also tends to change more randomly on this coast, so just be mindful of that!

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