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Fifth 5x5 Rotation: Community

I just completed my first week of Addressing Population Health Needs (aka Community) where I am placed with two other peers at a community clinic in Lower Manhattan. This community clinic serves predominantly Hispanic and Chinese patients. It's a beautiful clinic and has several departments in which it can provide care for patients of all ages. I had the opportunity to shadow a PA on Wednesday and I had a little more insight to what my life would be like in the future as a FNP. It was pretty routine -- a patient would come in, let the PA know about their symptoms/what brought them in that day, the PA would start off with washing hands, feeling lymph nodes in the neck, auscultating the heart and lung sounds, then auscultating/percussing/palpating the abdomen if that was the chief complaint. I can see how that could get monotonous and boring after years of that type of work, but if primary healthcare providers aren't there for this type of job, who knows where these patients will turn and how progressively worse their symptoms can get.

On Thursday, I was able to join in on the Women's Health section of the clinic where I shadowed a nurse. She was incredibly friendly and good with her patients. I saw her do some patient education on breastfeeding and do a fingerstick HIV rapid test. She said it was a slower, less exciting day, but I hope to be back to shadow a nurse midwife or doctor during a pap smear or IUD insertion. That would be amazing!

I've only had one didactic lecture in the classroom so far due to President's day, but the course is very heavy on global health and population health. I am very interested to see what discussions get brought up as these are important issues.

Can't believe this is already my last 5x5 rotation! Crazy how time flies! Anyway, have a great weekend, everyone!



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