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Articulation 2017! Committed.

February 14, 2017


Here at Columbia, there's this process called Articulation where MDE (Master's Direct Entry) students fill out this form to confirm their plans for the next year -- this can be to either: 1.  continue onto the DNP specialty they were originally accepted into, 2. apply into a DNP specialty (or switch specialties), 3. decide to graduate from MDE and not continue onto any other degrees at Columbia. 


For me, I chose to continue on with my accepted DNP specialty path and obtain my certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner at Columbia. Nothing is set in stone yet with the subspecialties, but I am more than excited to take courses to fulfill the Women's Health subspecialty. It has been a dream of mine to work as a nurse practitioner in women's health clinic (Planned Parenthood, perhaps?!) at some point in my life, and I can't wait to make that dream into a reality! 

Also, sorry for the weird picture. Is it weird that I am super stoked to perform my first real vaginal examination? Hah.. 


Have a great week, everyone!







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