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Snowed in! Classes cancelled!

February 10, 2017

Today, I experienced my first real snow day in NYC! Boy did it come down hard! If you could see my Columbia email right now, you will probably find about 10 emails from various faculty members and school administrators discussing Winter Storm Niko.  At first, they weren't going to cancel classes! But eventually, they let us know to stay indoors. 


Lucky for us nursing students, we would have had to get up super early this morning since it's a clinical day. So yay to being able to sleep in a little bit! It was a pure blizzard for several hours until maybe around 2 or 3pm when it was just really cold wind. 


I caught up with emails, watched some Pathophysiology video lectures, and worked on some other small assignments. Later in the day, a group of nursing friends decided to head to Central Park to take pictures and play in the snow. There were so many people. It was a beautiful site -- children (and adults) sledding down the mini hills, people making snowmen, some really talented artists snow sculpting two humans  and a dog on a bench... it was a pretty awesome day. 


Also spent some quality time with others over a nice meal, coffee, and train ride back to campus. 

I hope you're all staying warm, dry, and sheltered! Have a great upcoming weekend! 






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