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Congrats to the newly accepted!

columbia nursing school blog

Those who applied to Columbia Nursing's MDE/DNP program recently heard back with admissions decisions. CONGRATS to those who were accepted! I have signed up to be a Student Ambassador so I'll be seeing you at Visiting Day if you are planning on attending! I've received emails from several of you and hope I am responding in a timely manner. I have exams coming up on Monday and Tuesday, so I apologize for any delay!

For those who were waitlisted, please stay hopeful and know that you are not out of the running. I can't really say much about how many were accepted off the waitlist or how big your cohort is as I don't have that knowledge.

For those who were accepted to multiple schools, I highly suggest doing your research and possibly visiting the schools if you can so that you can get a feel for whether you can see yourself being a part of the program.

Again, congrats to the newly admitted! I know you are all excited and anxious to get all your questions answered. You have some time now to make your decision and gather as much information as you can about the program.

Hope to meet some of you soon!



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