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Citizens of Chelsea (NYC, Chelsea)

FEATURED: Cappuccinos

I was really excited to check this place out with J on a Monday morning (MLK holiday). Citizens of Chelsea is a really cute little coffee shop/breakfast place for small groups. J and I both ordered cappuccinos. It took a little while for our cappuccinos to arrive, but they were made incredibly well. So yum to their cappuccinos!

J also ordered the baked eggs and I ordered the smoked salmon eggs. We continued chatting and catching up, but I did notice that it again... took a little while for our meals to come out. No worries since we were talking and such the entire time. This place is still relatively new and it was a pretty busy day, so I expected the slower service. But the staff was very welcoming and friendly. The food was also pretty good! The breakfast entree was about your average breakfast/brunch price ($13-$14) and tasted delicious. They have a pretty good variety that makes me want to come back so I can try something else on the menu! Would suggest if you're thinking about brunching in Chelsea!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday (hump day)! Have a great rest of your week!



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