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Rise & Grind (San Francisco, Inner Richmond)


Left: Cappuccino

Right: Americano

Had a coffee date with my mommy! Pretty dang good cappuccino! Came on a rainy weekday and it was surprisingly busy. They have a wide selection of espresso and signature specialty drinks, pastries and foods. They have free wifi now, too! Should've brought my laptop to do work. They have power strips and plenty of plugs to charge your laptop. Music wasn't too quiet or too loud. Very good customer service! The barista checked in and asked how my cappuccino was after I was done. They also have a bathroom which is always a plus for those who like to do work for hours.

Hope you all have a great weekend! I am heading back to the big apple tomorrow! A little sad that this much needed break is coming to an end.. but am really pumped to get all this school out of the way. There's also much to look forward to in the future... friends from California visiting me in NYC, celebrating birthdays of new nursing school friends, free NYC events, more coffee shop explorations, etc. Keep yourselves motivated!



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