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Questions? Ask me! :) also.. a new category to the blog.

I am incredibly grateful for this past year. During 2016, I was able to travel back to Taiwan to visit family, was notified of nursing school acceptances (and rejections), and officially began my grad school journey in a brand new city, making brand new friends. I am only hoping that 2017 is just as good!

I am really thankful for all of you, my readers! And thanks for not feeling afraid of contacting me through email. I am a constant email checker, so I am pretty good about replying! If it takes me a couple days because of school or whatnot, I will let you know that I at least received your email and I am not neglecting you!

I have gotten a few questions through email that I feel like I haven't really disclosed too much in my blog. So, in the next week or so, I am thinking about creating a new post that kind of answers a bunch of common questions like -- how did you get into nursing? how did you go about choosing which schools to apply to? did you have a lot of experience in the health field before applying? what kinds of extracurricular activities did you do in undergrad? does skipping the BSN and going straight to MSN lower chances of getting a job? etc, etc. But if you have any other questions you would like me to answer, please email me through the contact page! :)

Also -- something new I have done with my blog! I added an "Application Process" category on the left hand side. If you are someone who is thinking about applying to an accelerated nursing program or is someone currently in the application process, hopefully this helps!

Thanks again for all your great feedback so far! Please let me know if there's anything else I can post!



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