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New Year Hike: Echo Mountain Trail


Length: 5.5 miles

Difficulty: Medium - Difficult

Duration: 2.5 - 3 hrs

You used to call me on my echo phone... Ok, pretty lame joke. BUT LOOK AT THAT COOL ECHO PHONE! Wow... it has been quite a while since I have blogged a hiking post! It was a great start of the new year hiking Echo Mountain Trail in Altadena, CA with A and his parents.

The hike was pretty much at an incline all the way up to the top where the echo phone is located. It actually works if you scream something into it! It was one of those hikes where you get to the top and you hike the same route back to the bottom which I am not that entirely fond of (I like the loops that keep things fresh the entire time). But, overall, it was really nice with TONS of friendly hikers. Basically said "good morning" and "happy new year" about 100 times throughout the hike.

^ This photo above is pretty neat! If you zoom in or look REALLY closely to the middle LEFT side of the photo, you can spot downtown LA with all the tall buildings!

REALLY wish there was more opportunity for me to explore hiking trails on the East Coast, but school is really time consuming. I really want to be able to focus on my passions and interests besides trying to do well in school this year. Whether it's exploring more coffee shops (a total given), trying new cuisines to expand my palate, or simply exploring more of the city I live in.

Hope all of you have a wonderful 2017! Remember to trust in your journeys and to not care so much about what other people are thinking (something I know I still struggle with). Be thankful for the things in your life and strive to live a happy life!



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