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Perpetuum Cafe (NYC, Chelsea)

FEATURED: M.M.M. (matcha maple milk)

I passed by this cute little coffee shop about a month ago and instantly bookmarked it (I'm a sucker for aesthetic). Finally got the opportunity to stop in about two hours before closing. They have free WiFi but it's only good for ONE hour. That was fine for me since I just had a couple of things to finish up. Was instantly impressed by their drink selection! They had some nice specialty drinks as well as the classic espresso drinks. I tried their MMM (matcha maple milk) specialty drink. -- YUM. I went with almond milk and it was prettyyyyy dang delicious. It might be a little too sweet for my taste (I usually don't add any sugar to my caffeinated drinks) -- but it was still really delicious! They use real maple sap so I'm sure they can adjust the amount they put into the drink. Cute latte art! Really nice, clean interior. A tad small with just a couple of seats and tables. Highly suggest this coffee shop! Also-- friendly baristas!

Have a great week, friends!



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