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Seven Grams Caffe (NYC, Chelsea)


Left: Cortado

Right: Cappuccino

Rating: 5/5

Incredibly delicious and strong coffee here! It wasn't too bitter or too sour, just the right amount of sharpness you would expect and like out of an espresso drink. It is a pretty tiny shop, but didn't seem to be very busy on a Sunday afternoon. The tables are fit for two people ( or one person if you come in with a laptop and intention to get work done). I didn't try out the WiFi, but it seems like they have solid Wifi according to other Yelpers. I did notice one girl doing some work on a laptop and charging it in a wall plug. I didn't really scope out the rest of the place to see if there were others scattered around. Overall, a clean shop with good quality coffee and a nice selection of pastries and foods.

Also -- if you get your coffee to stay, the cups and plates make for a good pic ;)

Have a great week back from Thanksgiving, everyone!



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