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Little Canal (NYC, Lower East Side/Chinatown)

November 28, 2016


Left - cappuccino

Right - cortado 

Rating - 4 (more like 3.5)/5 


Was en route to lunch in Chinatown and was immediately drawn to Little Canal along the way. This little corner coffee shop had a sign that said soft opening, and I thought -- why not have a second cup of cappuccino?! My boyfriend had the cortado and I had a cappuccino... and I just say.. it was alright. It had a pretty weak taste, in my opinion, compared to some other places around the city. My boyfriend's cortado actually tasted even weaker than my cappuccino. Not saying the coffee was bad or anything, but could be stronger. They also looked like they had a nice spread of food to enjoy. The baristas seemed to be talking to friends who were also enjoying their coffee. As a soft opening, it would be cool if the staff asked around other customers how the coffee was so they could either improve or continue what they were doing. Would definitely like to stop in again in the future to see how this place does!







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