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Irving Farm Coffee Roasters (NYC, Upper West Side)

November 28, 2016

FEATURED: Cappuccino & maple waffle doughnut (YUUMMM)

Rating: 5/5


Really good, strong coffee! Had a cappuccino and donut to stay. There was a line when I got there on a weekday, but it moved quickly and the lone barista did really well getting the drinks done in respectable time. They had a lot of seats in front of the shop as well as in the back. But the place fills really quickly! Lots of people meeting others or reading. This wouldn't really be a place I would study (also no free wifi) as it could get quite noisy, but if you're interested in grabbing a bite and sipping on GOOOODD coffee, this is the place to be.


A couple more coffee posts to follow! You can say I had a pretty caffeinated Thanksgiving break :) 





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