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Third 5x5 Rotation: Psychiatric Mental Health

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I haven't had much exposure to psychiatric mental health in the clinical setting, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect during my first day of this particular rotation. My first encounters with the participants of the recovery program at the clinic started off hesitant and uncertain to say the least. As a person who likes structure, I had no idea what my role was as a nursing student, what types of information I was supposed to get from the participants, etc. I was definitely placed in a situation that was outside my comfort zone. However, as the day progressed and I engaged in activities such as play dough and coloring, I learned that just being in the presence of others is quite therapeutic. There is something so humanistic and comforting in simply connecting by doing the same activity but not necessarily constantly engaging in conversation. Just after my first day of clinical, I learned that I really needed to slow down, take my time, and become more observant of the people I interact with, whether it is the participants, my future patients, or even family and friends in my daily life. I also learned that I am the type of person who is comfortable sitting in silence with others as I am not one to really allow situations to make me feel incredibly awkward :P

Through the next couple weeks of this clinical rotation, I am interested in continuing to push past my comfort zone and strengthen my therapeutic communication skills (both verbal and non-verbal).

Let yourself relax (both physically and mentally) during the upcoming holidays!



P.S. Sorry I haven't posted in so long! I have the week off from school and wanted to take the time to let myself unwind and simply do nothing :D

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