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Frisson Espresso (NYC, Theater District)

November 7, 2016


Left: Iced soy latte

Right: Cappuccino 


After a somewhat disappointing study session at Fika (there are several locations, C and I were at the Hell's Kitchen one..and as you can tell from the disappointment, Fika won't make it to the blog), we headed to Frisson Espresso. Their cappuccino was so good! Wasn't bitter or sour. Microfoam was perfection and made for an incredible velvet texture. They ACTUALLY had free wifi for good studying (sometimes, you can't trust what Yelp says in the business description...). It could get kind of loud from the music and chatter, but the cute little coffee shop makes for a really nice cozy feel. Also -- they don't have a bathroom! That was a little disappointing, but it was a really nice spot to get some work done for a few hours while sipping on delicious coffee! 


Have a wonderful week everyone!





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