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Celebrating 125 Years of Columbia Nursing!

Columbia Nursing School Blog

After volunteering for Giving Day at the Alumni office, C and I were invited to Columbia Nursing's 125th Spotlight Launch Event on Wednesday evening. There were also several students from the ETP (entry to practice) cohorts! We sat in on speeches from speakers Bobbie Berkowitz (Dean of Columbia University School of Nursing), Elaine Larson (Associate Dean for Scholarship and Research), Stephen Ferrara (Assistant Professor and Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs), and Daniel Billings (Current Adult-Gero Primary Care NP student). Each one of the speakers spoke about the future of nursing, how Columbia pioneers and takes one step ahead to prepare for that future, and the exciting new advancements to soon arrive such as our new nursing school building!

Dean Bobbie Berkowitz speaking

The event was quite intimate, and C and I had the opportunity to mingle with past alumni from various backgrounds. The fun photo booth, catered food, and open wine bar were also a nice plus ;)

Being surrounded by so many successful and established individuals is inspiring. Being a part of the Columbia Nursing experience has motivated me to live up to their goal to create nursing leaders. I am still early in my experience as nursing student, and I am still not quite sure what I may even end up doing with my NP license in the future. But, I do know that I have strong passions and interests, and hopefully things will lead me to the path I am supposed to take -- whatever that may be. Perhaps I will work as a NP in a small clinic that I love for the rest of my life, or maybe I will co-own a practice back in California in the future, or maybe I'll end up being a professor of nursing. I love that the profession of nursing is incredibly diverse and I have the opportunity to mold it in any direction that I take. Still the new kid on the block, but I am hopeful for what's in store in the next few years.



Columbia Nursing School Blog

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