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La Colombe Coffee (NYC, Chelsea)

FEATURED: Decaf cappuccino

I had already loaded up on some caffeine earlier in the day, so opted for my first decaf cappuccino here at La Colombe. It was pretty good for decaf! Could barely taste much of a difference. Upon walking in, I instantly noticed how spacious the interior was (a rarity in NYC). There were several open tables left for me and C to pick at. We ended up sitting at tables in front of the bathroom though (lol) because there were some unused plugs there for laptop charging. I guess one thing that would be nice about the place is if it had more places to charge electronics. But other than that, they had really friendly staff, a great selection of both teas and coffee, and clean vibes all around (even in the bathrooms..yes!) The music was kind of loud at times, but it was alright. We also ended up having to find some random free WiFi that wasn't password protected.. so that was nice (Although, Yelp did say La Colombe had free wifi... didn't find it).

Would definitely come into this place if I ever found myself down in Chelsea, although it was a few avenues too far for our taste.

Have a great week, everyone! Stay awake and caffeinated!



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