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Work hard, stay humble.

During my college years at UC San Diego, I was surrounded by such amazing individuals who came from unique backgrounds and experiences. I learned the meaning of hard work, and met one of the most influential people in my life -- my "Big". I was a part of a pre-medical fraternity and was picked up by A (not my significant other "A"). Even though I am half a year older than him and we were both second years when he picked me up, he taught me so much. One thing that always stuck out to me was the fact that he was incredibly humble. When he tutored me, he never made me feel stupid or inadequate, and he always brushed off his accomplishments and never really made it a big deal. People would ask him how he did on exams and he would do a little nod and say "Okay" or "Alright".. when he got that solid "A" and should have said something more like "Good" or "Great." When people asked about the fancy cords (graduating with honors) he wore, he just said they were "nothing." WHO SAYS THAT?! Haha. By the way, this kid is attending UCSF medical school. Well deserved! For me, he is the true definition of the phrase, "Work hard, stay humble." Let's just hope him going to the best medical school in the country to become a big shot doctor doesn't go to his head! :P Hi, A, if you're reading this!

Here at Columbia, everyone is extremely academically driven and embody different perspectives about work and life. Everyone works hard and strives to do extremely well. It's inspiring, and also pretty intimidating. Everyone seems to always be doing well all the time! It's easy to let others' good scores or the high class average make you feel inadequate, subpar, or simply just.. an average plain jane student. No matter where you are academically, just know to continue working hard at what you do. Strive to focus on the learning process...absorbing new and fascinating information, and not so much about how other people are doing. Motivate yourself to do better, and for others to do better as well.

Super cheesy quote from my Google chrome quote of the day: “Success isn't about being the best. It's about always getting better.” All your classmates are going through similar classes, and personal life struggles. Focus more on getting through it together! At the end of the day, I am incredibly happy with where I am. I am in NYC, attending a well respected university, and gaining new experiences with new friends! I look back at my college grades and wonder how I got to where I am today... But I am here, and it all worked out! A few years down the road when I am practicing as a NP, it's not going to matter as much whether or not that I got straight A's, but more about the quality experiences I gained during my time here at Columbia -- exploring NYC with new faces, widening my perspective on life, and witnessing heartbreak and joy in my clinical experiences. I just hope to fall in love with this career of my choice and to be happy. I want to love where I am, what I do, and the amazing memories that are to come.

Good luck to you in all your pursuits!



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