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Second 5x5 Rotation: Pediatrics

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So today is the beginning of everyone's second 5x5 rotation! My group has officially begun clinicals at a pediatric unit somewhere in NYC. My clinical group met our new instructor bright and early at 7am to orient ourselves to a new hospital. I won't really disclose which children's hospital I am at until the end of my 5 weeks but.... WOW! Wish all hospitals can be as vibrant, high tech, and beautiful as this one.

We get the pleasure to rotate across different floors at the pediatric hospital to treat patients of all ages starting with infancy, childhood, then adolescence. Today, we made our way up to a hematology-oncology unit where we witnessed a toddler who coded twice. It was an interesting experiencing seeing the body of people shuffle quickly, but calmly over to the child's room. While this toddler was being revived... another hospitalized child was being rolled down the hallway to the playroom while standing on the IV pole base as if it was a scooter.

My clinical group wasn't able to stay for the entire time they were treating the toddler during the second code. But I did witness the mother and father step out of the room at separate occasions. The mother stepped out first -- her eyes were wet and teary, she made a sigh -- not a wet sigh.. but a sigh that was sure to be followed by moans of frustration, sadness, and fear. Minutes passed and the father charged out as well. He had a stern look on his face, and tears in his eyes.

It was a pretty eventful orientation day. And, I am really hoping to gain more experiences and discover new things about pediatrics.

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