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Ogawa Coffee (Boston, Downtown)

October 9, 2016



Left: Cortado

Right: Cappuccino

Matcha cake roll 


Headed into Ogawa Coffee on a beautiful Saturday morning with A. They had a pumpkin spiced latte special for the month of October, but I am generally not a fan of this particular specialty drink, so opted for my go-to cappuccino. I actually preferred A's cortado over my cappuccino -- it was a little too milked down for me.   >.< The matcha cake roll though... YUM! It's a must get if you stop in. They also had a variety of other delicious food options for breakfast or lunch. Perfect texture, taste, and consistency. It was light, fluffy, and not too sweet. And thanks A for clearing out the strawberries first thing. :) 


Seems like a cool spot to chat with friends or get some work done. It has pretty limited spacing though, so I wouldn't bring a ton of people or anything. I would definitely go back and try new things! 


Be back soon, Boston! <3 





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