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Grace Street (NYC, Koreatown)

FEATURED: Honey matcha latte

I love love love matcha, so was pretty excited to try out the matcha latte here at Grace Street during a "study session." I have been here on a few occasions for dessert with friends (their shaved snow and green tea ice cream waffles are bomb dot comb). I heard people came here to study, so tried it out with C. The honey matcha latte was really good! I didn't really taste much of the honey, but I liked that this drink wasn't too sweet. It does get cold pretty fast, wish it started off a little bit hotter. And make use of that little spoon they provide you with! Once it starts to sit, the matcha tends to float at the top and you can be getting sips of just matcha powder. Nonetheless, still a good drink!

The lighting can be dim in some parts of the cafe, but there are decent amount of plugs here and there for charging. They also didn't have WiFi, which we didn't really need at the time. Music was also kind of loud, and there's a good mix of people just there to socialize and there to study. I'm not really sure I would necessarily come back here for a study grind, but the variety of coffee options and desserts are a plus!

Study grind continues! Talk to y'all soon!



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