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YES! C had the brilliant idea to spontaneously sign up for free general admission tickets to the Late Night with Seth Meyers show for tonight, and we surprisingly got off the waitlist! Everyone in our cohort had a pathophysiology exam today, so this was the perfect post-exam stress reliever! Too bad C and I are both in our OB rotation and we have to start studying for an exam on Friday already... *Tear.

A bunch of us went -- S, A, J, J, and C. I realized that first initials are not really helpful to you all... but hey! This is also kind of like my diary! So, I'll be able to look back at this and remember the experience with some of the coolest galz.

Tons of clapping, fake laughs, and being "woo girl" tonight. Got to see Samuel L Jackson, Cecily Strong, and Spike Feresten! It was tons of fun, but time to sink back to reality... Can't believe it's only Tuesday. LET'S GET THROUGH THIS WEEK TOGETHER, Y'ALL!



P.S. I got Halal Guys and my tummy is really happy.

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