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First 5x5 Rotation: Obstetrics

Hi, y'all! I just completed my first obstetrics clinical day. I had to take the train down and walked across Central Park in order to get to the hospital. It was so beautiful! I definitely can get used to walking across the park on a beautiful morning like today.

Here at Columbia Nursing, we start 5x5 (5 specialties for 5 weeks each) rotations in the Fall 2016. My first rotation is with obstetrics with clinicals twice a week. Next, I will go through my pediatrics rotation, psychiatric rotation, and med-surg rotation. In the Spring, I will go through my adult/geriatric and community rotations. After the 5x5's, I will go through something called immersion where I take up an actual nurse's shift for 4 straight days a week where I will practice all the skills I have learned.

Columbia Nursing School Blog

I am very excited for OB since it combines both my love for women's health and caring for the "tiny humans" (infants and babies). I feel like I will learn a lot from this rotation. My instructor seems incredibly thorough and passionate about teaching us all this information. It was a little overwhelming -- the amount of information, but I am really excited to one day fully comprehend all this OB lingo.

We (my clinical group of 7) got a general orientation of the unit today, finding our ways to the nursery room, postpartum halls, and the labor & delivery floor. We also watched our instructor give a head-to-toe assessment on an infant. So cute! Tomorrow, I will actually be assigned a nurse and his/her patient (mom & baby). Excited but also pretty nervous since we got assigned patients in pairs last semester. Hoping for the best!



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