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Sweatshop (NYC, Williamsburg- Brooklyn)

FEATURED: Macchiatto

Stopped by Sweatshop in Williamsburg before heading to Smorgasburg. Cool atmosphere. Hipster Brooklyn vibes. I usually drink cappuccinos but decided to get a macchiato instead. Good, strong espresso. Nothing extremely outstanding about the drink, but it gets a thumbs up. Tried their avocado smash and added bacon. A little pricey for toast and avocado. Paid $15 for my macchiato and toast. Great place to catch up and relax with a friend or small group. I wouldn't really do work here as it could get a little loud from the friendly chatter. I liked that they had choice of indoor and outdoor seating. Their baristas also deliver your orders to you which was nice so you can grab a seat when you see one.

Last weekend before school starts again.. :( Trying to get out and do things before all the craziness of studying begins again.

Spend your weekend wisely, y'all!



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