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Presidio Trails (Anza Trail/Mountain Lake Trail) to Golden Gate Bridge and back!

HBD to my mom! She wanted to go on a nice hike, and what better day than today?! It was an extremely beautiful day in the city. Beautiful blue skies, sun beaming down on our faces.

We drove through the Arguello gates into the Presidio and turned left, parking at the 2 hr parking spot just a little past the golf course.

We ran into this sign just a few hundred feet into the trail:

We followed the Anza Trail/Mountain Lake Trail and ran into signs for the Golden Gate Bridge since we wanted to head over there. This sign says it was 2.4 miles away.

We ended up following the Park Trail signs which continued to take us to the GGB. There, we took a few pictures and proceeded to walk the GGB by foot FOR THE FIRST TIME. CRAZY, RIGHT? All our lives, and we have never walked the GGB.


Length: About 9 miles roundtrip (From Arguello entrance of the Presidio down the GGB and back)

Difficulty: Easy (don't need to take out your hiking shoes for this trail, it's pretty paved)

Duration: 2.5 - 3 hrs

Heading back to NYC in just a few days! I am going to miss being around my city and all its natural beauty!



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