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SF Coffee Comparison: Mazarine Coffee vs The Station SF

Who would have known that there is SO MUCH SCIENCE behind brewing the perfect cup of coffee? Apparently there is a lot of things to consider when brewing: temperature, how finely ground the coffee is, how soon the espresso is made after the beans have been ground, etc. I actually learned a lot from this one article (science and coffee nerds rejoice):

With that being said... Let us take in the beauty that is this cappuccino from Mazarine Coffee in the Financial District of San Francisco:

coffee blog

I have had plenty of cappuccinos within the past year and would immediately notice all the large bubbles that build up after a few minutes the drink has been made. But look at this photo I took! Barely any bubbles, and the taste was deep and velvety. Good to the last drop! Yum! Stop by if you are ever in the neighborhood.

Now.. moving on to the cappuccino from The Station SF which is located right at the cusp of Chinatown:

coffee blog

I had this cup of cappuccino the day before the one from Mazarine. The Station SF coffee was kind of bland. It didn't really have a significant taste, and I didn't taste much espresso, more milk. It was only just okay to me. Probably would not go to this place again since there are a bunch around that I would rather explore and try out.

Oh boy, I am slowly turning into a coffee snob... I do find coffee fascinating though! I should probably find better adjectives to describe coffee. Haha.

Have a happy weekend!



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