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Andytown Coffee Roasters (San Francisco, Sunset District)


Muffins (L to R): Jalapeno cheddar corn muffin, raspberry & blackberry corn muffin, jalapeno cheddar corn muffin

Coffee (L to R): Cappuccino, macchiato, latte

Coffee catchup on a cold Saturday morning in the city with college friends, A and B! This tiny little corner coffee shop in the Sunset District had a line out the door! We were lucky to grab some seats at the large dine in table. Parking was plentiful around the area which is ALWAYS a plus in my books :) The muffins were a bit greasy, especially since we were using our hands to eat. Haha. But the flavors were really unique and different. This hipster shop is definitely a cute place to catch up with friends. Ocean Beach is also not too far away! Although.. summers in San Francisco are always accompanied by Karl the Fog.. so beaches are rarely visited (by me at least). :P

Have a great upcoming week!



P.S. If there are any specific topics you would like to see in regards to my NP journey, please feel free to leave an anonymous comment on the left hand side of my blog page! Otherwise, I will probably not post about nursing again until school starts again in a few weeks!

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