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Home Café (San Francisco, Sunset District)

This was my third or fourth time back at Home, and the service and quality of drinks/food continues to exceed my expectations. The baristas were extremely friendly, there were seats available for my friend and I to sit, and I had the chance to try their savory toast this time around. They have a sign requesting that you not stay longer than 2 hours to give others a chance to sit and study/meet up with people. Free WiFi is ALWAYS a plus for any coffee shop. The place does get a little loud when it's busy, so if you're sensitive to that when you're studying, be sure to bring some head phones.


Left - Lavender latte (always delicious! the petals do kind of get in the way and are a bit bitter, but they do add to the aesthetic to the drink!)

Right - Cappuccino (ordered by my friend)

FEATURED FOOD: Meatball pesto toast, topped with an egg (extra) -- super tasty!

If you're ever in this quiet, suburban area of San Francisco, make sure to pay a visit Home!



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