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columbia nursing school mde

19 units in 10 weeks DONE! All those trees killed (Thanks, Columbia, for the free B&W printing -- don't worry, I recycled), endless nights studying, group project meetings, freezing in Hammer, etc.. I am happy to be back in my home typing my end of the semester blog post! I did really well in all my classes -- something that really surprised me compared to how I did during undergrad. I guess I am living proof that undergrad grades DO NOT DEFINE YOU. UC San Diego definitely made me feel like an inadequate student at times, but I was able to really thrive this semester and LEARNED SO MUCH. I learned so much in my didactic courses -- yes, I am thinking about fontanels when playing with my infant nephews, going through all my grandma's medications to see what types of drugs she's on, and percussing my cousin's kids' tummies -- the inner nerd in me is definitely taking over. I also learned so much in the hospital during my clinicals. Let me tell you... I have SO MUCH RESPECT for bedside nurses. Not saying that I didn't think their jobs were difficult before, but seeing them in action during a full shift amazing. There is so much that nurses have to think about, keep track of, and They just do it all. Choosing to be a part of this profession makes me SO EXCITED for what is to come in my learning and future experiences.

I am 1/4 done with my Master's! Time to celebrate, relax, eat tons of home cooked food, and see some familiar, beloved faces. <3 Have a great week!



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