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Becoming a Standardized Patient || OSLO (NYC, Upper East Side)

DUAL POST (NP Journey and Coffee) ! :)

FEATURED: Cappuccino

Columbia University School of Nursing students have the unique opportunity to become standardized patients (SP) for Cornell 3rd year medical students. I was chosen alongside five other girls to act as Leah, a 16 year old girl with RLQ pain, afraid of a possible pregnancy and her parents finding out. There's a bunch of other facts that go along with Leah's history of present illness and health history that I won't go into too much detail here. I went into training at Cornell hospital with the other girls and found it a really exciting and unique opportunity. Not only will we be able to evaluate the medical students in their process is obtaining health history, diagnosis, etc., but as the SP, I can also pick up on tips that would help me become a better NP in the future. I will be able to gauge what types of questions work, don't work, what body language seems more comfortable from the patient perspective, etc. I will act as a SP for four sessions throughout the year. Although it doesn't seem like a lot of time, I am really excited to see what new things I learn from this opportunity!

I arrived at Cornell about an hour early, so I got coffee from OSLO not too far away from the hospital. I have to say, this cappuccino was not my favorite. Unfortunately, I felt like I was sipping a whole lot of foam the first 5 sips. Perhaps I would just try their cold brew or regular coffee next time I'm in the neighborhood!

IT'S FINALS WEEK this coming week! And I will be leaving on a flight out for home the next day after my last final. So, sorry if I don't post for a while!

Have a wonderful weekend, y'all!



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