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Pokeworks & Culture Espresso (NYC, Garment District)

nyc coffee blog


C and I ventured our way to Garment District for lunch at Pokeworks (poke bowls). IT WAS SO GOOD! I was pretty hungry by the time we got there, so that may have added to its deliciousness, but nonetheless, it was SOOOO satisfying. They had a wide selection of toppings to add in, so it was tasty and to one's personal preference of flavors and textures. It was a bit rainy today so there was basically no line for us when we got there.

Apparently, lines are generally out the door on normal days! We lucked out! :)

We also intended to head to Culture Espresso to get some studying done... but we ended up not connecting too well to WiFi, and just went over some physical assessment material and left to grocery shop and head back to Wash Heights.. for more studying.

nyc coffee blog

FEATURED: Cappuccino

The cappuccino I got was very good, very dark. I noticed they don't use as much milk as most places. There are outlets and space to study, but as I mentioned earlier, connecting to WiFi was a bit of a struggle. It would be a nice place to study if I didn't need WiFi, though!

Heading into the last week of new material before Finals week. EEPS! Check in with y'all later!



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