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Coffee Project New York (NYC, East Village)

FEATURED: Deconstructed Latté

(left to right: Espresso shot, local milk (from Salem, NY), classic latte)

Ventured into the East Village with C on Saturday afternoon after lunch in Chinatown. This tiny little coffee shop is known for their deconstructed latte (dine in only) and other unique coffee drinks. The deconstructed latte ($7) also included a wafer bite and some seltzer water to cleanse your palate. This was my first time having an espresso shot, and it did have those citrus notes that the barista said we would taste.

I would definitely come back next time to try some of their other drinks. I would also like to try their coffee float (nitro with ice cream), nitro flight, and the happy drink (tonic water, espresso, and whipped cream). If you're ever in the area or simply want to go on a coffee adventure, I highly suggest this coffee shop! I do have to warn you, though.. it's a pretty tiny place! So just bring a friend or two (max!).

Have a great week!



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