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s t u d y b r e a k

A MUCH NEEDED STUDY BREAK! I realized it's been about a week since my last post so I thought I would quickly update y'all on where I've been. Well, let's just say the days leading to July 11th (Monday) have been jam packed with studying. I had three online quizzes, two online exams and an in-class exam all due by Monday.

And NOW, I have my second pharmacology test this coming Friday, so I had to quickly jump back into studying after my exam yesterday.

J, C, and I headed Midtown to check out the MANHATTENHENGE where the sunset is exactly aligned with the grid of streets in Manhattan. Super cool! Sadly... some of the buildings where we were at were kind of in the way. A TON of people were aimlessly walking in the streets to get a shot of the phenomenon. But, we were able to get out of Washington Heights and enjoy more of NYC. Also got some gelato at GROM (by Columbus Circle) which was nice!

It's been super easy to get sucked into school and studying, staying indoors all the time.. staying in Washington Heights.. a lot of the times I forget I even moved across the country to one of the most amazing cities in the world. Moments like these make up for the endless hours studying! ALSO... I SAW MY FIRST FIREFLIES TODAY! It was pretty magical.

Alright, back to studying I go!

Have a great week!



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