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Thinking Cup and George Howell Coffee (Boston, MA)

July 3, 2016

Visited my boyfriend this weekend in the charming town of Boston. I actually went to two separate coffee places during the weekend which I will feature in this post! 


Thinking Cup (85 Newbury St). 


(left) Cappuccino 

(right) Cortado 


Stopped by Thinking Cup for a drink while waiting for our names to be called at Neptune Oyster. The tables all featured an old front page from various newspaper companies. If I lived around the area, I would definitely do some work at Thinking Cup. They also had such a wide variety of pastries, sandwiches, etc. They also have a bunch of other locations around Boston! 



George Howell Coffee (inside Boston Public Market)

FEATURED: Cappuccino


Traveled our way into Boston Public Market where we got a donut from Union Square Donuts (the brown butter hazelnut flavor was DELISH) and a coffee to start our morning. Also several George Howell Coffee shops around Boston. Then, we ventured to Cambridge for breakfast and kayaking! 


One more day left of my long weekend! Going to spend it studying my butt off. Lots of mid-semester exams and studying to do! Really glad I was able to have a little break from reality, but I am ready to dive back in.








Happy Fourth, y'all!






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