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I just got back from clinical (7am-3pm) and changed out of my navy blue scrubs into something comfy for some major studying. (But first, giving myself a break by writing this post) I have my first in class test tomorrow for pharmacology and I am pretttyyyyy nervous. I have been studying since Sunday, so I am hoping that I feel confident by the end of the night.

The study spaces around the medical campus are pretty nice and convenient, so I am glad for that. Alright, I just picked up my coffee frap and am about to dive back into pharm.

My study necessities: Colored pens (0.38 mm preferred), colored highlighters, different colored sticky notes. It's all pretty excessive, but what can I say.. I like to live my life colorfully (in my notes only… my wardrobe says otherwise).

Have a good weekend, y'all!



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