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Rex (NYC, Midtown West borderline Hell's Kitchen)

June 20, 2016

FEATURED: Cappuccino 


So... the Warriors lost tonight... but earlier today on this beautiful Sunday was enjoyable! (Sorry, starting with Sunday, and I'll work my way backwards to Saturday). C and I went to a little cafe called Rex to study. Yelp said that they had free wifi... and we got a password and everything, but it wasn't connecting at all for anyone there. Good thing we were studying something that didn't really require wifi. I had an arugula salad with a cappuccino (SO GOOD) and C had a roast beef sandwich and cappuccino. The vibe of the cafe was really nice. Good music, good atmosphere, gooddddd coffee. I really enjoyed this cappuccino. It wasn't milked down at all. I was also really obsessed with the vinaigrette in the salad. Tomatoes and grilled cauliflower was also mixed in. Would definitely go again! (Only if I don't need wifi). 

Alright, going back to Saturday. Saturday was incredibly beautiful and sunny. A group of girls from my cohort went to Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and got our grub on. The food vendors all looked so good it was hard to choose what to eat! I decided to go with Jamaican food (jerk chicken) since I never had it before. It was seriously bomb diggity. Random strangers would pass by and stare at the goodness. Also got an Arnold Palmer slush with white peach flavoring -- this was PERFECT in the heat. There was such a nice view of Manhattan in the background. I would definitely go again in the future to try some of the other trucks. They also have a Smorgasburg on Sunday which apparently is larger. Getting hungry just thinking about all the good food! 



Have a great week, y'all! 






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