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Celebrating Summer 2016.....with a heavy course load!!!

The first week of school is finally over! To be honest, it went by pretty fast, and I am sure this entire Master's portion of the program will fllllyyyy by. There is definitely a lot to keep track of. It's pretty overwhelming with the amount of various group projects (all with different people), quizzes due, exams, and professor names... But having my trusty planner definitely helps. And in case you were wondering.. YES, I am THAT PERSON who color-codes her classes in her planner.. Trust me, there is so much going on (19 semester units in 10 weeks)! Don't worry, I am trying to stay on top of all the school work while taking time to get to know new people, spend some time with myself, and explore the city.

There was only one lecture today, Friday, but it was four hours long. Glad we got to end by noon, though! There was a summer celebration in my residence building, so we got a nice (FREE) lunch, crafts, pot-your-own-plant activity, photobooth, and more. Glad my hefty tuition is going to things I really enjoy -- food and crafts. (:

This past week, I did a lot of decorating in my room, as well as cleaning these old floors. As you can tell, I have a thing for floral and hanging pictures on string (something I've done in my old room in college). I have gotten close to a few girls in the program, and am hoping friendships continue to grow. It really makes me think about all the close friends I had from college and how we came about to be super close. I am really hoping to develop those same bonds in nursing school!

This weekend, I will be watching the musical, Finding Neverland, in Times Square with a couple girls from the program, so that'll be really fun! I am obsessed with musicals, and am really excited to be able to live in this city for that reason! (Well, not for that sole reason). Hoping to do more exploring, find cute coffee shops, study spaces, and rooftop bars!

Have a great weekend, y'all!



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