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First Day of Class - CHECK!

columbia nursing school blog

Today, I had my first full day of class! I had two three-hour lectures (Physical Assessment and Multicultural Issues of Nursing) as well as one one-hour course on a specific topic related to our nursing education. We definitely hit the ground running going through all the slides from lecture. It was all really exciting as these courses are really specific to our future profession as a nurse. I really enjoyed the Multicultural Issues of Nursing as we discussed the profession of nursing (the history, the role today, the future direction of nursing, etc.) It really reaffirmed my choice in nursing as we discussed the nursing theory and all these wonderful attributes and characteristics nurses have. I get really passionate about things I love, and I am so excited about learning about both the art and science of nursing. This profession is so diverse and multi-dimensional. I love that I will have all these doors to choose from once I graduate the program -- DNP, teaching, health policy, administrative, etc.

It was a pretty exhausting day, though... being talked at from 9am-5pm with a one-hour lunch break. But all in all, I love how we are jumping head first into the material that will definitely matter in our work as nurses. There is a lot to keep up to date on. I am a bit of an organization freak, but even so, I am finding myself feeling a little overwhelmed with all the syllabi and topical outlines from all these classes! Hoping things will become more routine and comfortable within the next few weeks!

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