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Cassava (San Francisco, Outer Richmond)

April 24, 2016

 FEATURED: Spiced Honey Latte 


Cassava is known as a popular breakfast/brunch location in the Outer Richmond district on Balboa. Really cute indoor decor and outdoor seating options for those with pups. This isn't necessarily a place to catch up with a large group of friends, I would say max of 4 people. 


Really liked that they brew Ritual Coffee Roasters! This particular featured drink was very sweet, you can definitely taste the honey. Didn't really get much of the spiced aspect. 


In terms of the breakfast/brunch, I wished the selection for entrees was bigger. They also took a really long time to get our order out, not sure if it was because they had forgotten. Food was good though for the most part. Glad I got to cross this place off my list of brunch places I wanted to visit in the city, but not sure if I would suggest this place as a must go place. 




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