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Every nursing program will have a set list of supplies that you will be required to have at the start of your program. However, according to some students... several of these items are not even really that essential, and most times, you can borrow from someone in your class since there's a lot of pair/group work. But of course... me being me... I always like to be prepared and have everything just in case. So yes.. this hurt my bank account.

At Columbia, there were uniform ordering forms and an ordering form for nursing equipment that were due by a certain date months before the start of the program. There are current students who will start to sell their old gently worn scrubs and used equipment for cheap closer to the start of your program.. but being the anxious person that I am, I just would rather know I have all my supplies. And who doesn't love receiving packages in the mail anyway??

There were four different packages to choose from for the equipment (mainly because the type of stethoscope ranges). I chose PACKAGE ONE which added up to be $179. I tried to add the prices of each item individually through amazon... and buying it through this pre-packaged ordering form was actually about the same, if not, cheaper.

Columbia University School of Nursing Blog


1. LITTMANN CARDIOLOGY III STETHOSCOPE (raspberry) -- there were current students who suggested just getting any plain cheap one that would suffice since it's just school for now... but there were also others who thought investing and taking care of one to last a while was better. I obviously chose the latter. There are also extra pairs of gray ear buds found in the box and an instruction booklet.

2. TUNING FORKS - C-128 and C-512


4. BLACK EAR BUDS for stethoscope in clear container

5. LITTMANN NAME TAG -- i would actually consider sending my littmann in to get it engraved with my name at the end of my program


7. BANDAGE SCISSORS 5 1/2 inches


Another requirement for the uniform at Columbia besides the Columbia branded navy blue/white scrubs are to have ALL WHITE RUBBER SOLED SHOES. I did a lot of online searching for the best ones, and by far, most people mentioned the brand Danskos. However, they were a little bit too pricey for me, so I opted for another brand,

Nurse Mates. What I really like about Nurse Mates shoes are that several of them come with a Pillow Top insole that provides a lot of cushion. I decided to get the Nurse Mates Libby style since the Nurse Mates heart logo on the shoes were also all white. There was another pair called the Dove that I really liked, but the heart logo was blue.. and Columbia was pretty clear about mentioning that all logos on shoes also had to be white.

columbia nursing school blog

I bought the Nurse Mates Libby clogs in a size 6 since it was the smallest size and I read from several comments that this brand runs slightly small. I thought these would fit perfectly since I am generally a 5.5. HOWEVER... they did feel a little big when I walked around.. so I placed an EXTRA insole I already had underneath the removable pillow top insole that the shoes came with. After I did this, the shoes felt pretty comfortable. I will probably do a review of the shoes again once I have broken them in and have been on my feet for hours on end.

Happy shopping!



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