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Flywheel Coffee Roasters (NorCal, SF)

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FEATURED: Cappuccino

Made my way over to Flyhweel Coffee Roasters near the Haight thanks to the app: CUPS. They were having a three day promotional event where they helped promote small coffee businesses. If you downloaded the CUPS app, it would tell you the closest small business coffee shops nearby offering FREE coffee. Although the free coffee promo is over now, you can still download the app and get good deals on coffee and specialty drinks ($1 for regular coffee, and $2 for specialty espresso drinks).

They had a great selection of coffee drinks, including nitro and siphon, two types I don't often see on coffee shop menus. If you aren't feeling coffee, they also have a selection of iced teas. Great space to catch up with a friend (what I did) or study. They also had an outdoor area to relax on a nice day. Would definitely come back!

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