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Accelerated Nursing School Admissions - my acceptances/waitlists/rejections

columbia nursing school blog

So it's officially all over, and I have received an admissions decision from all the schools I applied to. I wanted to provide a summary of the schools I applied to, when each application was due, and when I received news of interview/admission. (I also wanted to make note that I applied to BSN/MSN or direct entry master's programs only as my end goal is to become a nurse practitioner) Throughout my stressful application process, I also wanted to provide those who are undergoing this same process some reassurance --

YOU are more than your grades and GRE score. Something I learned throughout my process was that what truly made me the best applicant I could possibly be was my experiences. I admit, my GPA was dismal. I barely graduated with a 3.0 GPA with a biology major at UC San Diego. I also self-studied the GRE in about 2 months and scored just around 50th percentile. As you can tell, my numbers just seem average. But, I did my best during my undergraduate career to find my passions and interests, and to be involved in my community. I did just that by participating in various student organizations, took on leadership positions, found myself an internship, and found the most amazing support system. I truly believe that things happen for a reason, and we all need to have a little faith. I sometimes forget this, and I doubt myself. Seriously, my best piece of advice is to just try your best when it comes to academics/scores, and really focus on feeding your passions and interests. The best is yet to come!

Alright, here's the summary y'all were looking for --

*Northeastern University -- I was in Taiwan when they were calling applicants to set up a time to phone interview... so I am assuming they weren't able to get in contact with me, so they decided to accept me into the ABSN program only. Northeastern interviews all their direct BSN/MSN applicants.

** Emory University -- Apparently they started video interviewing / phone interviewing individuals they wanted to find out more information about. Not all those accepted into the program were interviewed in any way. This school had a very different application process -- they didn't require GRE scores, letters of recommendation, OR a personal statement. They basically based off their decision on my GPA and resume.

Best of luck to all of you on your journeys! Surround yourself with those who will keep you sane and positive. Remember to keep your head held high, and to always have faith that your path will work out in the end!



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