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Back to Back???

Hi again! I know it's only been since yesterday, but I've got some more good news! I was also accepted into MGH Institute of Health Profession's Direct Entry Nursing program Fall entry 2016 with a specialization in Women's Health NP! Having options is a WONDERFUL feeling. If you are currently applying, hang in there! I wish you all the best on your journey!

My boyfriend will be attending MGH Institute this Summer 2016 for their Accelerated BSN program, and I have a feeling he would love if I also attended the same school. However, as of right now with my acceptance to Columbia, I believe that would be the school I choose to attend. I still have yet to hear back from UPenn, so we shall see!

The thing with Columbia and MGH are that they both have very large cohorts (200+) and other schools such as Boston College (about 55 students) and UPenn (about 90 students) are smaller, and probably have a closer relationships with both professors and other students.

Again, I feel so much relief and ALWAYS hope for the best for others undergoing any type of application process. Waiting and hoping (and planning for the worse) is never easy. Find yourself a good support system, and remind them how grateful you are to have them in your life :)

Hoping to get back with more good news soon!



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