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A Happy Lunar New Year! - First Acceptance!!!

columbia nursing school blog

What a great way to start off my trip in Taiwan! I admit I have been pretty anxious since I submitted my applications, and was more anxious as I hopped on the plane to begin my vacation in Taiwan. The last thing I wanted was to receive rejections during my time in Taiwan which could spoil my mood on the trip. But luckily... I GOT ACCEPTED INTO COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY'S MDE/DNP PROGRAM! I AM ECSTATIC! I was accepted under the Family Nurse Practitioner DNP specialty and can't wait to begin my journey. Although I am still waiting to hear back from several other schools, I am incredibly grateful I was accepted to such a prestigious nursing program.

I definitely cried for about ten minutes straight. There was an email notifying that decisions were in our application portals. When I finally logged in and clicked the status update link, there was confetti streaming down the top of the web page before I was even able to fully read the letter! I thought, "This is good news, right???" I spoke those exact words again outloud for my mom to hear, and she quickly grabbed the phone from me to read it for herself. She was overjoyed as she rushed out of our shared room and told my grandparents. It was a GREAT start to my second day in Taiwan.

Words cannot describe out much relief I felt at that point. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and my anxious self was FINALLY able to simmer down. I hope all of you are having a good start to your year, whether you celebrate Chinese New Year or not!

Happy Year of the Monkey!



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