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Located in the Sunset district of San Francisco, this homey coffee shop lives up to its name! This place is quite spacious with plenty of tables, outlets, and drink + food selection. The first time I went Home, I grabbed a drink to-go and was pleasantly greeted by the baristas. I ordered the lavender latte. It was fragrant and tasted great. The presentation of the drink was also quite amazing as you can tell. Although I lovvveee the lavender flower petals on the drink, they tasted quite bitter. All in all, definitely a drink I would suggest getting, but I don't think I would make this my regular. I would definitely come back to taste other specialty drink selections and enjoy it sitting down in this homey coffee shop. Their toast selection also seems amazing and delicious. Let me know if you have tried anything else you would like to suggest! :)

FEATURED: Lavender Latte




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