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Boston College :(

The first month of the New Year is officially over! Welcome, February 1st! I would like to say, be good to me, February. But.. we all know the realities. We can always hope for the best, pray for the best, but things happen. Life happens, and sadly.. rejection happens.

I applied to Boston College for their Direct Master's Entry Nursing program last year in October and finally after months and months of waiting, heard back today. I received an email from Boston College at 12:04PM pacific standard time. I saw it on my phone and was too afraid to open it so left it alone for a few hours. This was the first school to get back to me in the new year. I finally built the courage to open the email on my phone and read, to my disappointment, that I had not been accepted into their program. This definitely disheartened me, and left me feeling a bit discouraged. But a part of me knows that I will get accepted into a great program this year and I will be able to begin my official journey to becoming a NP soon enough. I just had to be patient, and remind myself that I will end up where I should. So, for all of you out there anxiously awaiting admissions decisions, trying to make up their career choices, or simply still trying to find their passions, keep striving. Keep doing the things you love, surround yourselves with individuals to help lift you up, and don't let bad news stop you from having hope and staying strong.

I hope to write with better news soon. Until next time!




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