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Montara Mountain Trail at San Pedro Valley County Park (NorCal)

Here we go! I told you we would be back! My mom and I decided to tackle the Montara Mountain Trail at San Pedro Valley County Park in Pacifica. This is supposed to be the longest, and most beautiful hike in the park. My mom and I started off the hike around noon and definitely wore less clothes this time as we anticipated a warm day. It was a bit confusing trying to find our way, but we fortunately ran into a ranger who helped direct us. As opposed to the Hazelnut Trail which was a loop, the Montara Mountain Trail was NOT a loop. We went straight to the top of Montara Mountain and hiked back the same way down.

Once you walk into the parking lot of San Pedro Valley County Park (remember, you can avoid the entrance fee by parking out in the residential neighborhood!), you will see the outdoor bathrooms (I suggest using the restroom before you begin your journey). Next to the bathrooms, you will see a yellow fire hydrant. At this yellow fire hydrant, just walk up to the trailhead and turn left for Brooks Creek Trail. Keep going on Brooks Creek Trail for about ten minutes and you will hit a fork, but keep to the right. This will lead you to Montara Mountain Trail which you will continue on and keep hiking up. There will be a sign that says you are leaving San Pedro Valley County Park, and that is ok, just keep going if you want to make it to the top! The view is pretty spectacular going up. There are a bunch of steep slopes going up, so take your time with footing. You will know you've made it to the top when you can literally stand right next to the electrical towers!


Length: 7.3 mi

Difficulty: Moderate

Duration: 3 hrs

Happy hiking!




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