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Village Market

When we are back in my hometown, my boyfriend and I try to hit up a couple of new places since I seldom venture further to get my cup of joe when I'm back home alone. This place is at Village Market in San Francisco, California. This cute, homey cafe also doubles as a small market selling some selected grocery items. They used to use Blue Bottle Coffee for their drinks, but have recently switched to Artis Coffee, a new local roaster in the city. Yum! The staff is friendly, and the atmosphere is really inviting. Great place to get some work done, read, and catch up with friends.


TOP: Gibraltar

BOTTOM: Cappuccino

This place hands down is the reason why I normally order cappuccinos at coffee places now. Caps to me are in between a latte and a macchiato in terms of amount of milk added. Cappuccinos are a perfect ratio for my taste!

Happy coffee drinking!



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